Camel hair blanket

A camel hair blanket will give you the absolute comfort during your sleep. Camel blanket possesses unique positive energetic features and have a positive influence on human organism. Even in Middle Ages camel blankets were valued as gold and were even passed on as a heritage or given to just married couple as a dowry. Since ancient times Eastern cultures considered camel hair to be sacred. Its presence in home brings luck and happiness. Under no circumstances one could tread on it, even with one’s life at stake. The culture of East found its reflection in Europe, too, and that involved the camel hair as well. Items made out of it became the most prestigious and popular in many countries. Wool and its unique properties were always highly valued in cloth production. The reasons are that it protects from cold and excessive heat, repels water, absorbs moisture, keeps the air, it is durable to dirt, is elastic and practical in wear. Camels’ strength was known for a long time. Those animals, dwelling vast spaces from Mongolia to high ridges of Himalayas, possess great stamina and can stand fast environmental temperature changes of the deserts that can be as big as 40°C. Despite that camels keep their skin temperature even due to their unique wool. It’s no wonder that since Muhammad prophet’s times the sons of desert wear clothes and headdresses made of camel wool – it saves from the baking sun during the daytime and from the cold in the night. The reason for that is that the camel’s hair has unique structure – rough hair (25-100 microns) is combined with soft undercoat (17-21 microns) which makes blankets from camel wool more durable and lighter than blankets of other wool types. Camel hair has a hollow structure giving it the great thermal insulating features while being over two times lighter that the sheep wool. Goat wool of same diameter is twice as strong as sheep wool and camel hair is stronger than the goat wool. Camel hair blanket quality also depends on what camel’s hair was it made from. Working camels give polluted rough hair, while the baby camels give hair for camel fluff blankets (80-85% of fluff in the complete hair mass). Such camels are called Tailak and only 4-9 kilograms of hair are taken from them each year. Thus buying a camel hair blanket makes a good investment in your health.

Camel hair has unique features

Traditional medicine has been recommending various procedures involving thermal effects since ancient times. Such procedures are used for preventing and healing many health problems, including the diseases of peripheral nervous system. Ibn Sina (Avicenna) in his works described the miraculous properties of camel hair and was recommending his patients to apply it to the ill parts of their bodies. Camel hair has a very good warming effect which helps the blood vessels to dilate, increases the blood microcirculation, and activates the metabolism and regenerative processes in tissues. As a result camel hair with its healing and prophylactic effect can heal a number of symptoms of neuritis, neuralgia, osteochondrosis, arthritis and rheumatic pains. We should also note that the warmth of camel hair is a healing one since it’s a dry one. Items made of it will never induce sweating since it iss very hygroscopic and can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture while still being able to circulate the air due to its hair structure.

Benefits for skin

Camel hair absolutely does not irritate the skin – on the contrary it soothes the irritated skin. The hair of camel wool softly massages the skin, increasing its tonus. Camel hair lets the air pass through it and a person will never sweat under a camel hair blanket. All of that has a very healthy effect for skin. Besides that camel hair neutralizes the toxins that organisms generate which helps rejuvenating the organism. Men are recommended to use such blankets to help normal functioning of their prostate, preventing the prostatitis and impotency. Eastern cultures believe that the camel hair protects from the society’s aggression and negative environmental energies (it speeds up healing the energy breaches).


Lanolin (animal wax) contained in camel hair enters the skin having a great healing impact due to its antiseptic and edema decreasing effect. When the temperature reaches 30°C it is sublimated from the wool and is easily absorbed in skin, favorably influencing it along with the muscles and joints. Reaching the nasopharynx with the air the lanolin soothes the mucosa and prevents the birth of pathogenic flora (prophylaxis of otitis media, rhinitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis). It favorably influences the muscles, the joints and the spine, it also relieves the pains, normalizes the blood flow and helps a deep and a good sleep. The women of East since ancient times have been rubbing their hands with camel hair, making the skin softer. They have long noticed such an effect of camel hair, which is in fact caused by lanolin, vast amounts of which are contained in the hair of camel wool. Lanolin is widely used in cosmetology – it is extracted from the wool and used as a foundation for the cosmetic products. Absorbed in skin lanolin softens it, making it smooth and elastic. Out of all types of that material it is the camel hair that contains the most of lanolin, reaching 12% of unprocessed wool’s weight.

Antistatic effect

In addition to all other effects camel hair does not electrify and removes the static electricity better than other kinds. It repels the dust and even protects from the electromagnetic fields, which is especially important in modern life, packed with electric devices such as TVs, microwave ovens, computers, etc. It also removes the static electricity that synthetic clothes accumulate. The absence of static electricity on the wool repels the dust which is very helpful for asthmatic people and for prophylaxis of the diseases of upper respiratory tract.

Allergy relief

Different from other types of wool the camel wool does not induce allergies, thus even allergic people can wear it. The research performed by Cologne University researchers confirmed that the fluff and the wool bedding are not harmful for people suffering from allergies to household dust. «Allergic patients are only influenced by large amount of ticks» as professor Hans Jurgens, who was the first to research this topic, concluded. Ticks do not live in fluff and wool bedding, as most think, but in the mattresses. As the research has found out, fluff and wool are not included in household ticks’ diet. The lanoline contained in camel hair protects our beds from ticks, saprophytes and pathogenic microorganisms. It is also needed that the bed is often dried or vacuum-cleaned.

Camel Hair Use

In general camel hair’s unique healing properties are explained by three points. First is the dry warmth effect. Second is the prevention of reabsorbing the harmful substances that leave the organism with the sweat. And the third is the soft skin massage by the camel hair, which improves the blood flow and removes the edema and inflammation. All those features make the camel hair the best material for manufacturing the healthy clothing. Camel hair is used to make clothes for astronauts and deep sea mariners.

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