Knots used in Oriental Rugs

Basically use two kinds of knots – giordes and senneh, and in Asia Minor and on Caucasus almost exclusively knots giordes while in Persia both types are common.

persian knot Knots used in Oriental Rugs

Persian knot

Persian knot

Persian knots matches asymmetrically around of pair located beside with each other strings of a basis; the pile yarn twists one string of a basis entirely, and the second – only half. Other names of knots of this type are: farsibaff, senneh knot named after the Persian city of Senneh (now Sanandadje in the Iranian Kurdistan) and asymmetric knot.

turkish knot Knots used in Oriental Rugs

Turkish knot

Turkish knot

Turkish knots symmetrically match around of pair a line of the located strings of a basis; both strings of a basis are completely twisted with a pile yarn. Other names of knots of such type: turkbaff, gyordes knot named after Asia Minor city of Gyordes and symmetric knot. Despite of the specified names, both types of knots have no precise national binding as both that, and another are used both in Turkish oriental rugs, and in Persian rugs. Moreover, sometimes knots both forms can be met in one carpet.

There also exist 3 more types of knots but as their share in the market of such carpets is not great, we shall not consider them in detail but only list.

  • Tibetan knot
  • Berberian knot
  • Spanish knot

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