Oriental Rugs Glossary “N”

Needlepoint rugs: A rugs making technique made with wool yarns worked on canvas using the same method as a needlepoint rugs pillow.

Natural Dyes: Dyes derived from insects or from the earth, which includes madder root, indigo, milkweed, pomegranate, osage, cutch and cochineal.

Namazlyk (janamaz, joi-namaz): Prayer rugs.

Nahavand: A town in northwestern Iran in the Hamadan region which is a weaving center for single wefted rugs on cotton foundation. Length of rug is usually twice its width. Symmetrical knot is used.

Ningxia: A Chinese city in Gansu province known for antique rugs. Background color is usually pale yellow or brown with blue designs of rounded medallions, dragons or other Confucian symbols. Ningxia rugs – the best rugs from China.

Nylon: Durable synthetic fiber which also has good dyeing characteristics. Nylon yarns can be solution dyed, skein dyed and/or space dyed.

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