Oriental Rugs Glossary “O”

Overcast Sides: Technique of over-rounding wool on the non-fringe sides of a rug.

Odjakhlik: A rug used in front of a fireplace.

Okbash: Small pouch-like bags, usually with triangular bases and often retaining long plaited cords decorated with tassels. Apparently used to cover the ends of tent strut-poles. Most old examples are attributed to the Yomut. Although at least three by the Tekke are known. There seems to he some confusion between an okbash and an igsulyk (see below) in the literature, with the leading contemporary Soviet specialist, Elena Tzareva (Rugs and Carpets from Centra Asia, Leningrad and Harmondsworth, 1984), describing two weavings (Nos. 82-3). which in the West would be called okbash, as “igsalik”.

Overtuft: Tufting process done by hand or machine in which an already tufted and dyed carpet has another yarn system tufted through the back of the fabric to develop a pattern on the surface of the carpet.

Oxidizes: With excess sunlight exposure rug colors can change to a brown or black color.

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