Oriental Rugs Glossary “V”

Vase Carpet: A group of 16th and 17th century Persian rugs decorated with flowers springing from vases. Most are directional rugs and can be viewed from one angle only.

Vegetable Dyes: Dyes derived from insects or from the earth, which includes madder root, indigo, milkweed, pomegranate, osage, cutch and cochineal.

Veramin: A town 30 miles southeast of Teheran known for rugs depicting the Mina Khani and Memling guls designs. Rugs are woven on a cotton foundation and the asymmetric knot is used.

Verneh: A Caucasian flatweave usually depicting the “S” shaped dragon motif with a soumak structure. In the west, the term “Sileh” is used.

Viss: A town in western Iran around the Bakhtiari region known for rugs of a geometric designs. Common pattern includes the large hexagon medallion with hooked spandrels in the corners. Foundation is cotton and the asymmetrical knot is used.

Vordelik:Wall hanging. Silk rugs are often used in this manner.

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