Oriental Rugs Glossary “Y”

Yagcibedir: the turkish oriental rugs type.

Yalameh: A term used to describe village rugs in western Iran which have motifs of the Khamseh, Qashqai and Lori tribes. Designs of three latch hook diamond medallions are typical and these are surrounded by numerous small geometric and animal motifs. Rugs are woven on wool foundation and the asymmetrical knot is used.

Yastik: A 3ft x 1ft Turkish rug usually used as a pillow cover or cushion cover.

Yazd: A central Iranian city weaving rugs of medallion designs similar to Kermans or Sarouks. Main colors are blue, red and ivory. Wefts can be either wool or cotton and warps are of cotton only. The asymmetrical knot is used.

Yahyali: Central Anatolian rug type.

Yurt: felt tent

Yomut/Yomud: A Turkmen tribe found in Turkmenistan and northeast Persia. They are farmers, semi-nomads and nomads and in remote regions still retain much of their ancient life-style. We have for sale Yomud rugs, Tekke rugs for sale., Yomut Kilims.

Yoruk: A term used in Turkey for nomad. Apart from the Kurdish-speaking tribes, most of the nomads in Turkey are of central Asian Turkmen origin and some still call themselves Turkmen. Most carpets called ‘Yoruk’ in the market place are made by Kurdish-speaking people in eastern Turkey.

Yuntdag: West Anatolian rug type usually central medallion pendant with triangular.

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