Oriental Rugs Glossary “Z”

Zakatala: A region in northern Azerbaijan in the Caucasus known for production of antique rugs. All Zakatala rugs are woven with the symmetrical knots. Designs are of bold and geometric motifs and of colorful stripes.

Ziegler and Co.: A company from Manchester England which exported a large number of rugs from Iran to Europe from the mid 19th century until the early 20th century. Persian oriental rugs were designed according to western tastes. Tabrizes, Mahals and Sultanabads produced under the guidance of the Ziegler Co. are known today as the Ziegler Carpets.

Zili-sultan: south persian rug design.

Zilu(Persian): Woven cotton rug.

Zilli: traditional name for large simple flatweaves.

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