We recommended you read this books about Chinese Rugs.

“Carpets from East Turkestan” by H.Bidder. Tubingen 1964.

“The Tibetan carpet” by Philip Denwood. Aris & Philips, Warminster,England 1974.

“Antique Chinese Carpets” by Rippon Boswell. Zurich 1978.

“Chinese and Exotic Rugs” by M. Eiland.New York Graphic Society, Boston 1979.

“Chinese Carpets” by E.Gans-Ruedin. Kodansha Int. New York 1981.

“Carpets from China and Its Border Regions” by V.Dulany & W.c.Hu. Ann Arbor,Michigan 1982.

“Tibetan Rugs” by H.K.Kuloy. White Orchid Press, Bangkok 1982.

“Chinese Carpets” by Ch.I.Rostov & Jia Guanyan. Abrams Inc.,New York 1983.

“Temple, Household, Horseback: Rugs of the Tibetan Plateau” The Textile Museum, Washington, DC 1984.

“The world of Tibetan Rugs” by a.Leeper. Arts of Asia, march/april 1995.

“Tibeter Teppiche” by H.Harrer,P.Mauch,J.Ford.Pinguin,Innsbruck 1987.

“Carpets from China, Xinjiang and Tibet” by Lennart Larsson jr. Bamboo,London 1988.

“The Tiger Rugs of Tibet” by M.Lipton. Thames&Hudson,London 1988.

“Alte Teppiche aus Tibet” by C.Bausback. Mannheim 1989.

“Oriental Rug Review” G.O’Bannon editor. Vol.9,no.4 1989.

“Oriental rugs from Pacific Collections” by Murray Eiland. San Francisco 1990.

“The Woven Mystery” Old Tibetan Rugs.J.&.S.Page.White Orchid Press,Bangkok 1990.

“Woven Jewels” Tibetan rugs from Southern California Collections.Pacific Asia Museum 1992.

“Samarkanda” Carpets from the Silk Road.By Taher Sabahi.Rumor, Vicenza 1995.

“Of Wool And Loom” The Tradition of Tibetan Rugs-Trinley Chdrak & Kesang Tashi. White Orchid Books. Bangkok 2000.

Chinese Rugs, A Buyer’s Guide by Allane, Lee. New York 1993, 42 CP 49 figures 3 maps 144 pp.

Alte und Antike Chinesische Knupfkunst (Old and Antique Chinese Carpets) by Bausback, Peter. Mannheim 1980, 77 CP 96 pp.

The Thomas B. Clarke Collection of Beautiful Old Chinese Rugs by Clarke, Thomas B. NY 1915, 7 CP, 42 b/w 212 pp.

Tapis Anciens de la Chine (Ancient Rugs of China) by Ernst, Henri . Paris 1928, 20 CP 44 pp.

Classical Chinese Carpets in Western Collections, The Kangxi Period (1661-1722) by Franses, Michael. London 2002, 16 CP 52 pp.

Chinese Carpets and Rugs by Hackmack, A. Tientsin 1924, 3 CP 15 b/w 36 figures 114 pp.

Der Chinesische Teppich by Hackmack, Adolf . Hamburg 1921, 1 CP, 24 b/w 114 pp.. German text.

Carpets of China and Its Border Regions by Hyman, Virginia and William Hu. Ann Arbor 1982, 50 CP, 26 b/w 290 pp

Carpets from China, Xianjiang and Tibet by Larsson, Lennart. Boston 1989, 177 mostly CP 141 pp.

Chinese Rugs by Leitch, Gordon B. NY 1928 (1935), 23 b/w

A View of Chinese Rugs, from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century by Lorentz, H.A. London 1972, 95 CP, 60 b/w 194 pp.

Tappeto Cinese by Meschoulam, Fabrizio. Genoa 1982, 30 CP 26 pp.

Knupfteppiche aus China und Ostturkestan by Natschlager, Helga and Angela Volker. Wien 1986, 44 CP 75 pp.

The Chinese Rug Book by Ripley, Mary Churchill. NY 1927, 17 b/w 66 pp.

Antique Chinese Carpets: Masterpieces from the Te-Chun Wang Collection by Rippon-Boswell. London 1978, 59 CP 112 pp.

Samarkanda, Carpets from the Silk Road by Sabahi, Taher. Vicenza 1995, 42 CP 135 pp.

Collection of Antique Chinese Dowry Rugs by Wang, David Te-chun. Hong Kong (1990?), 60 CP 64 pp.

Kinesiska Mattor (Chinese Rugs) by Wirgin, Jan. Stockholm 1986, 12 CP, 16 b/w 78 pp.

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